Auditing, Finance and Management Consulting

Continuous auditing*Case-by-case auditing
Appraisal*Investment consulting
Business consulting*Bookkeeping supervision
Tax consulting*Management consulting
Training*Audit of international reports

Fundamental work standards

Continuous accessibility to clients, comprehensive services, full responsibility, client-centered solutions.

Co-operating partners

Hungarian Expert Holding Ltd. joined the Hungarian Expert Association in 2002. The goal of the company is to integrate different experts of the Hungarian economy with broad experience. The substance of such integration is the common representation of the standards mutually set-up, the creation of partnerships during the solution of tasks and, if necessary, the provision of a common image. Thus, the package of services offered by Hungarian Expert Holding Co. integrates the results of expert work in different fields into a complex group of services. Our co-operating partners:

  • Economists (MA's, BA's)
  • Certified public accountants
  • Stock exchange experts
  • Investment consultants
  • System designers
  • Tax consultants
  • Management consultants

Our motto

Quality - Reliability - Problem solving - Result-orientedness

Our past and present

Hungarian Expert Holding Ltd. is an expert company founded by the majority principal, Gábor Matukovics. The principals of the company have gained SME and large enterprise auditing experiences with international auditing firms (KPMG Hungária Ltd., PricewaterhouseCoopers Ltd.). Beside in-depth knowledge of the Hungarian provisions they have broad experience and international accounting knowledge in the fields of industry, commerce, services and lending institutions.

Hungarian Expert Holding Ltd. was established in 1997 with the purpose of providing a wide range of audit services rationally and effectively customized to fit the Hungarian environment and in keeping with the European accounting standards and the challenges of globalization. Our company's as is to provide our clients with a comprehensive, highly professional and complex set of services that presents them with a correct an reliable assessment of their businesses and provides management with the information required for decision making.

The basis of our work is the methodology and system of co-operation created and continuously updated by the Hungarian Expert Association® that ensures compliance with legal provisions as well as the interests of the owners and the management in a cost-effective manner, providing guarantees and assuming full responsibility. The methodology used integrates the materials in the publications of the Hungarian Chamber of Auditors, adapting them to everyday practice in a client-friendly way. Our methodology has been qualified and is recommended by the Hungarian Chamber of Auditors.

Major services

Auditing, providing companies with auditors
Provision of ongoing audit services. Assessment of the accounting and business environment, evaluation of client management. Qualification of the bookkeeping system. Compilation and certification of balance sheets and profit and loss statements. Expert opinion on the business report. Assessment and qualification of tax returns, certification of companies, auditing of results. Assessment of the financial, equity and profit situation of businesses. Providing certifying clauses for the owners, the public, the financial authorities. Supervision and qualification of tax reports. Supervision of legal compliance. Assistance in meeting owners' interests and legal requirements.

Organization and management of valuation exercises. Audit of technical valuations prepared by experts. Appraisal of net asset portfolios, compilation and certification of the assets and liabilities statement. Business valuation, forecast of capital values. Calculation of and opinion on the "fair market value" of companies. Compilation of company brochures and investment studies. Definition of the partial value of company divisions according to the owner's new concepts. Compilation and certification of the list of non-cash capital assets. Audit and certification of transition balance sheets. Audit of capital share sales.

Investment consulting
Creation of the investment plan. Co/operation in strategic negotiations, management of tenders with potential investors. Compilation of the prospectus. Consulting and substantial assistance to the organization of new companies, acquisitions, sales and transition procedures. Financial auditing and screening to prepare, carry out and assess acquisitions. Auditing supervision of and expert assistance to the establishment of new companies or the reorganization of existing businesses. Risk-analysis, investigation and elimination of losses. Compilation and certification of losing balance sheets, balance sheets reflecting the business status before reorganization or liquidation, opening balance sheets. Launching of companies, business organization of new companies. Co-operation in bankruptcy and liquidation procedures.

Bookkeeping supervision, tax consulting
Establishment of the company's accounting policy. Setup and operation of accounting and internal settlement systems. Continuous maintenance of information and documentation systems, ensuring their legal compliance. Supervision of accounts, G/L and open-item accounting. Tax settlement, supervision of tax and credit relations. Management and assessment of closures and inventory exercises. Operation of a network of information and consulting contacts, provision of supervision to support business management. Representation toward the tax authority. Tax screening.

Business and management consulting
Training related to auditing and bookkeeping. Introduction, adaptation and leasing of financial software. Consulting and provision of expert opinion on the acceptance and implementation of economic rights and liabilities. Crisis management, implementation of efficiency enhancing processes. Standby service: taking up contact with our clients within 24 hours to answer or resolve their business, audit or tax problems.

International accounting
Supervision and certification of reports according to IAS and US-GAAP. Implementation of, co-operation in or support to parent company supervision over subsidiaries in Hungary. Keeping contact with internal supervision and other supervisory bodies. Co-operation to ensure synchronized and unified reporting. Review of international audit reports, certification of supplementary material, if necessary.

Technical training
Consultation and training in specialized fields (primarily: special accounting cases, inventory accounting, preliminary and posterior costing, implementation of IAS, US-GAAP). Continuous provision of training materials and regular professional summaries. Financial and accounting organization development training.

Our work is based on the personal commitment of and close co-operation between our experts, effectively integrating the technical expertise and experience of various fields.

Introduction of the management

Gábor Matukovics, managing director

Born in 1974, registered public accountant with stock exchange specialization, tax consultant. Beside the diploma of the Budapest College of Economics, Faculty of Finance and Accounting, he also finished the Budapest University of Economics and also received the legal certificate of the Faculty of Law of ELTE University.

He started his career with one of the largest accounting firms in Hungary, Memolux Ltd. After his practice as accountant, Mr. Matukovics gained experience with large enterprises and the leading auditor of KPMG Hungária Ltd. and meanwhile studied the substantial differences of international accounting standards. As an auditor of Audit Service Ltd. he gained experiences with the auditing of SME's as management consultant. He has participated in the design and implementation of several accounting and controlling systems. He is a reliable partner in consulting manufacturing and service companies.

The highlight of his analytical work is the examination and description of the fundamental processes of businesses. In his work he lays great emphasis on theoretical considerations. His ongoing professional work is supported by his tasks of lecturer at the Budapest College of Economics. His books and articles are well-known to the professional community. His work is supported by good IT skills.